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Parents & Students

Lee County's Georgia Pre-K Program operates for 180 days per year. The core instructional program is 6.5 hours per day. Families enrolling children in the program must agree to send the child the full 6.5 hours of instructional time, five days per week for the entire 180 days.

School Hours

School Hours are from 8:00—2:50. Children should not arrive before 7:30 and must be picked up by 3:15. Bus transportation and Extended Day program are available.

Changes in information such as address, phone number (work/cell/home), or people designated to pick up your child should be completed in writing, signed, and dated. It is also required that you update the information in the parent portal.

Teacher/Parent Communication

  • We have a Lee County Pre-K Facebook page, Parent Square communication app, and the Lee County Website.  Please follow us to see updates and pictures of events in our program. 
  • A minimum of two parent/teacher conferences will be offered during the school year to review your child’s progress.
  • To ensure accuracy, all written communications need to have the child’s name referenced, be dated, and signed by the parent or guardian.
  • You will receive newsletters from your child’s teacher at least once a month.
  • If you need to contact the teacher during the school day, you will be asked to leave a message. The teacher will return your call after class hours.
  • Please make sure that all transportation changes are sent in the folder and dated for the correct day. No transportation changes will be taken over the phone or my email. 
  • Each teacher will have the Parent Square App for you to set up on your phone. Instructions will be provided at the open house.

Birthday Parties

Please contact your child’s teacher before sending refreshments to school for birthday celebrations. This will eliminate having too many cupcakes sent the same day. We ask that flowers and balloons not be delivered to students at school. According to bus rules, students are not allowed to carry flowers or balloons on the bus.

Party Invitations

We discourage the distribution of party invitations at school. If you must send them, do not send party invitations unless the entire class is invited or all of the boys or all of the girls are invited. Teachers cannot provide student phone numbers or mailing addresses.

Field Trips

Pre-K teachers plan field trips and invite guest presenters to broaden the children’s educational experiences. Permission for students to attend field trips was included on the registration form at the time of enrollment. The cost of the field trip will depend on the event. We have several fundraisers to help offset the cost. Teachers will keep parents informed ahead of time about cost and plans.