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Positive Behavioral Intervention Support (PBIS)

School-Wide Discipline Program

Discipline/Classroom Management/Positive Behavior Intervention Support (P.B.I.S)

Positive behavior intervention support is a collaborative (team-based) educational, proactive, and functional process for developing effective strategies to teach and reinforce appropriate behavior.  Lee County Pre-K does not assume that students know how to behave appropriately in all situations when at school; therefore, we must teach our students how to behave at school to ensure that make good choices.  We will teach  the students our three expectations and all of the rules will be linked to our expectations. All of our Pre-K will implement and follow the same rules to help students develop a common vocabulary.  Students will be rewarded for good behavior with a “Pom-Pom” that will be placed in a container in their classroom.  When the classroom fills the container they will vote on a class reward.  

Pre-K Expectations:

Be Kind

Be Responsible

Be Safe

We concentrate on positive behavior but if a need for a consequence arises it may include but is not limited to: loss of privileges, phone call, or email to parents, time out, conference with principal, parent conference, or out of school suspension.  If behavior is causing harm to other students then student may be removed from the Program.  Parents will receive a handout at Open House explaining the discipline referral process. 

A PBIS student of the month will be selected at the end of each month.  They will be chosen based on our Pre-K Expectations.  They will receive a certificate, picture in the newspaper, and a special treat from the front office.  


Monday - Share poster with class that will be sent home on Friday to be completed at home and returned on Monday
Tuesday - Send in your child's favorite snack to share with their classmates (22 students)
Wednesday - Send in your child's favorite book for the teacher to read with the class 
Thursday - Send in a show and tell item that will fit in your child’s bookbag
Friday - Students will come to the front office and get a special treat