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Preparing for Kindergarten

How does Lee County’s Pre-K Program help children get ready for kindergarten?

Each Lee County Pre-K class is equipped with sufficient quantities of child accessible books, math manipulatives, blocks, dramatic play accessories, opportunities for science exploration, writing materials and musical instruments. The classrooms are carefully arranged to encourage learning and our schedule is structured so that children learn to follow a predictable routine. The Pre-K Georgia Early learning and Development Standards (GELDS) are correlated to Georgia's Kindergarten Performance Standards. This provides the student an opportunity to become familiar with kindergarten standards.

When is kindergarten registration?

Kindergarten registration for students that are currently enrolled in the Lee County Pre-K program is conducted on site in the spring, typically early April. The kindergarten teachers from each school will come over and register your child.

If your child is not enrolled in the Lee County Pre-k Program you will need to call the Registrar’s office at 903-2133 to set up an appointment. When you arrive for your appointment you will need your child’s birth certificate, immunization record, hearing/vision/dental/nutrition screening and social security card. You will be required to present proof of residency (a copy of your mortgage or lease agreement, and your most recent power bill).

While you complete paperwork, your child will be screened on readiness skills by a kindergarten teacher.