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School Supplies

Because we are lottery funded, all materials are provided. We do ask, however, that you provide:

  • two towels for rest time, No sleep mats (cots are provided)
  • a book bag large enough to carry a folder and the two rest towels (due to space limitations we ask that no “rolling” book bags be purchased)
  • a change of clothes including socks and underwear (label these with your child’s name and place in a baggie) These should be replaced as the season changes or your child outgrows them.

Do not send toys, stuffed animals, pillows, or even paper, pencils, scissors, crayons, or glue to school. Teachers will let you know when/if these items are needed.

From time to time, teachers may “wish” for additional items beyond those provided by Bright from the Start; if you can help, it will certainly be appreciated, but you should never feel obligated to provide these additional items.